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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
5:40 PM


I know its not easy accept "new people" in our life. I have same situation. Each person came into my life and then suddenly they will go just like that. No contact no hangout no dating no good news.

Well! Im gonna tell you some stories. Almost 3 years...3years!! Oh man i try to hold myself from have a boyfriend. I dont know. There is someone wants me but it not turn well after that. Feeling change people change Im change. Life is so unfair. Well ofcourse its life! 

Somehow I know I will hurt certain people. Hm I think not certain but almost I guess. I kept rejecting them because of....I cannot tell. Its hard to let it out. If i really like that person,I will like him forever. I will remember him in my dream and reality. But that guy not like me and one day this guy will ask me about something that Im not expected. And I dont know whether i should accept him in my life. Allah knows what is better for us. Allah already give us path should we follow and it our that choose between goods or bad.

As Im not expected this will happen to me. My friends know what am I. I not that person who is easy to fall in love with bunch of strangers. Its really awkward. Ohmy I think I cannot hang on my status forever right?I know this guy and i do like him and he feels the same way. And we just like friends and then like couple. Ohmy Im not gonna lie he is the sweetest person that I have ever have. Well, If this is my faith I will follow the flow. I just hope that he's not that type of person that hurt people's feelings and just go away. I hope not. In shaa Allah.