"Life is adventure.To Be a good person is hard.Somehow we can try"
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Monday, December 16, 2013
7:32 PM


I try to be a normal person. I try to be a soft person but with you I cant be all that. I was being myself. Im being crazy around you all the time and u accepted me who I am.

It such a beautiful date. 11.12.13. Pretty number. Easy to remember but Im a forgetten person.  I just want to say thanks to you coz accept me who I am. I dont know why Im fallen in love with you. I dont have any reason because if you have reason love someone that is called "like" not love. And I really mean it.

I love you sayang. I cant explain about my feelings coz I truly fall in love with you. Its not easy coz Im the type of person who is got bored everytime everyday. But with you Im not. And i hope that I will never get bored with you. Amin.