"Life is adventure.To Be a good person is hard.Somehow we can try"
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Sunday, December 22, 2013
9:06 PM


Feeling worthless. Feeling helpless. Feeling hopeless. I keep on doing what I can do. 

We used to talk every night. We talked about football ourselves stadium your life and many more. But these day we dont talk anymore. 
I still like you for your information. I used to ask your what is the latest songs do you hear. What were u doing when you got home. It just something that we can talked about. I fall in love with this songs 3000miles away by Emblem3. This is because of you. When I heard this song plays on the radio suddenly you are I was think about. 

You know, I had to move on. And you seems dont care actually. That feelings its kinda hurt but someone already heals it and that is not you. I admit it i really like you before this but I have to stop liking you because I have someone's heart to take care of. Goodbye. My eyes on you. Still.