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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
12:08 AM

I dont expect much. Past few days I can't sleep, almost a week and I lost my appetite. My dark circles becomes wider and i look so horrible. Maybe Im having insomnia which is cannot sleep. 

Maybe I think too much. About life. About work. About love (naaaah always) and maybe i was bored. I dont know what i am thinking. If i can record all that in my mind it would be fantastic. 

About love, I dont know what are you thinking of me. I just dont know. Maybe you are trying to fix all this. But I cant see your effort at all. Like really your effort. Not just texting me when you are thinking "mana dia ni selalu wish morning pagi pagi kat aku" or "sorry dahlah jangan merajuk b mintak maaf" or when you are really need me or just call me through viber. Come on lah! Use your own credit but i still wont pick up. Hello, everybody can do that.  You dont know how it really feels deep inside my heart its hurting babe. You just need to try something else. Maybe you are bored with me. The truth is i can deal with it. You just need to mention it.  

You want to know what i have doing a past few days without you? Alright. I keep myself busy just to forget that I have a problems. Not worthy. 

Status : Complicated