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Thursday, March 26, 2015
1:27 AM

It feels just right back then. Hoping there is miracle happen. Just so you know, i Just want this end. Did you ever feel sometimes when you are alone and all you think about is "who will stay with you at the end?".  I just keep thinking who will be the unlucky person! Who???

I dont know. This feelings hurting me so badly. Sometimes it is good to be alone but sometimes it just feel lonely and might be lifeless.  And now i know the feelings when you are alone. I can feel that. Damn hurt.

Honestly, when I at my favourite place that is kd, that feelings just wonderful. I feel glad when im around my family. They make me happy more than anybody neither my friends or boy friends. They protect me and gave me love that no one will ever give. When you are in trouble, they will be always right besides you give you support and their loves. It just great. 

When people ignores you. What would you do? They treat you like "Oh! You are just so boring to me" and then naaaaahh they didnt ever care about you and never bother when you are sick or happy. But when they got problems and doenst have anyone to share their stories who will be that person? Its gonna be me. Always. 

At the age of 20, i need to survive on my own. Just so you know, people come and go. Its rare in this world. Some people have to use with it. When the times come, you will find a better way.